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Changing the way you see your bank

Immerse yourself in the universe of finances

Immerse yourself in financial concepts to become an expert with this fascinating game.

Not only a bank app

Through your mobile now you can access a whole new dimension where you can learn everything about finances by immersing yourself in a VR experience.

Check your expenses and accounts, personalize your user profile, and much more.



Improve your skills and learn to manage your money through a virtual reality game, in a stepped banking learning program.


Check your friends' scores and challenge them to see who knows more about finances. Learning will be finally fun.


Check your achivements in your bank app in only three clicks. Keep your a daily training to become an expert in finances.

Take control of your finances

¿What is playBank?

Is a new digital bank that gives you the possibility of controlling your finances while you learn about bank products and services, and all that unknown vocabulary that makes you feel lost every time you go to a traditional bank. 

Become an expert

We want you to feel comfortable with finances, not only we offer transparency but the possibility of becoming an expert in every financial aspect. Every time you learn something new a new service will be unlock.

Mobile app for your control
VR Glasses for your virtual experience
24H access to your bank account

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